A Note from Our Founders

Welcome Flavor Junkies!

NJ Fresh Meal Prep is for the “health conscious” foodie with little time to spare. Our commitment is to provide a delicious and time saving experience, as together we journey to a healthier you. We are certain that the freshness, quality, and consistency will speak for itself, and that the flavors and variety will keep you “hungry” for more. Bon Appetite!

Our Team


My journey to passion began at the ripe age of 19, when my first “big girl” job was in a four-star Tribeca, NYC restaurant. The experience of exceptional flavors, beautiful plates, and romance in every bite, sucked me in, and I was never the same. Cursed to only want delicious food all the time, it became a challenge to stay fit. For years I battled with “exercise bulimia," where I would eat whatever I wanted, and then attempt to “erase it” in the gym. This is a “recipe” for no positive physical change, just a “hamster wheel” at its finest. By developing a way of cooking that infuses an abundance of flavor without the fat, sugar, and calories, I FINALLY got the “delicious” along with the “results” I was searching for. Food this great, is just too good not to share. So say “goodbye” to the joyless diet. Your palate is in for a ride of flavor as we change lives one delicious bite at a time. Putting all my love on your plate, happy eating Friends!


As a strength and conditioning/sports performance coach, my passion is to help people live a stronger and healthier lifestyle. Being a former competitive powerlifter, brazilian jiu jitsu, natural bodybuilder, and taking first place in each sport I learned that in order to perform at the highest level, quality nutrition was EVERYTHING. During this journey friends, family and clients were witness to my dramatic transformation from a chunky, fat “meathead” into an sizable, ripped bodybuilder. This led to many requests for me to prep food for others and where it all began. I took the idea, tested it, and eventually was producing over 100 macro friendly meals weekly out of my mother’s small kitchen. Rapidly outgrowing the small space, I then set up in a commercial kitchen with a staff. After a couple years of trial and error, I linked up with like minded partners and am excited to bring you NJ FRESH MEAL PREP. Our goal is to provide fresh and delicious, high quality, healthy dishes to help you save time, perform better in your day to day activities and have you look and feel your BEST. Eat Good. Feel Good. Look Good!

- Matt

Nj Fresh Meal Prep